Azul Macaubas

Brand: Fiandre

Azul Macaubas is the ideal material to customise your spaces without foregoing elegance and functionality. What makes this product sophisticated are its extraordinary veins, proposed here in delicate colours, ranging from white to azure blue.

An unmistakeable style, superb production and high performance make Azul Macaubas Maximum an irreplaceable surface for enhancing any architecture or interior design project. MAXIMUM technology also allows Azul Macaubas Maximum, like all the other colours in the range, to be used in conventional building contexts – floors, wall coverings and façades, as well as other unique architectural and interior surfaces.

The maxi-size 300×150 cm, the ultra-thin thickness of 6 mm and the technical advantages of porcelain slab in terms of hardness, mechanical strength, non-absorbency and cleanability, make MAXIMUM the ideal and versatile material for any architectural surface. :

Available in two finishes – Polished: finish obtained by post-production treatment with rough diamond heads to improve final hardness and gloss and Satin.


  • 300×150
  • 150×150
  • 150×75
  • 75×37.5
  • 75×75

Thickness: 6MM

Surface Finishes:

Honed, Polished

Product Variations: