Bardiglio Sublime

Brand: Fiandre

Micro-crystalline body, glassy soul. The light grey background welcomes the ephemeral passage of cloudy, thread-like grains. This almost parallel progression is at times broken, as if cut with a tailor’s shears: thus the marble varies its cloudy weave, generating and regenerating layer on layer.

Marble Lab is the selection of the most refined marbles by Fiandre. Extremely pure shades, each featured by light or very intense veins, as well as by typical ruffles with the authentic fascination of rare and precious quarries, have been developed at Fiandre laboratories to combine aesthetic perfection and top performance in a single product.


  • 120×60
  • 60×60

Thickness: 8MM

Surface Finishes:

Honed, Polished

Product Variations: