Dark Marquina

Brand: Fiandre

Dark Marquina, already available in large Maximum panels, is now also available in the Marble Lab collection. With its deep black base colour and thin white veining, Dark Marquina makes a strong, attractive and yet very refined statement, accentuated by its high gloss polished finish.

Marble Lab is a material almost eternal as for taste and durability, a line of surfaces resistant to the passage of fleeting trends, extremely hard and compact and with superior technical characteristics.

The most advanced production technology and the R&D know-how developed by Fiandre over the years has enabled us to create the full, deep colours, clear veining, cloudy patterns and transparencies typical of this most prestigious of stones.

Size: 120×60, 60×30, 60×60
Thickness: 8MM

Surface Finishes:


Product Variations: