Finest Estremoz

Brand: Fiandre

Finest Estremoz is the latest in Marmi Maximum’s extensive color range. Inspired by the famous Portuguese stone, it features a subtle pinkish-cream color background with gray-white shading. Sophisticated Finest Estremoz gives any ambiance a delicate elegance, without dominating the overall design.

The large Finest Estremoz Maximum 300×150 cm slab format offer architects and interior designers creative freedom in different types of projects: from the cladding for external facades, to interior cladding and floors, as well as the creation of tailor-made furnishings and architectural elements

Available in Polished finish, obtained by post-production treatment with rough diamond heads to improve final hardness and gloss.


  • 300×150
  • 150×150
  • 150×75
  • 75×37.5
  • 75×75

Thickness: 6MM

Surface Finishes:


Product Variations: