Sahara Noir

Brand: Fiandre

Nothing is more intriguing than black, yet the extraordinary veins are what make Sahara Noir a ultra-refined product so precious and recognisable.

The maxi-size 300×150 cm, the ultra-thin thickness of 6 mm and the technical advantages of porcelain slab in terms of hardness, mechanical strength, non-absorbency and cleanability, make MAXIMUM the ideal and versatile material for any architectural surface. :

Available in two finishes – Polished: finish obtained by post-production treatment with rough diamond heads to improve final hardness and gloss and Satin. .

Size: 300×150, 270×120, 120×120, 150×150, 150×75, 75×37.5, 75×75
Thickness: 6MM

Surface Finishes:



Product Variations: